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Downloadable Photos
Here are multiple downloadable versions of a few of my photos and logo images, in both screen and print resolution (for print media or anyone else who would actually want these things)...

2000 Chamber Pop Ensemble Photo ( 2001 Joel Pelletier)
  • 360x254 pixel 72dpi (34k - open and save image)
  • 5"x8" 300 dpi greyscale pict (MAC - 2.7 MB, .sit file)
  • 3.5"x5" 300 dpi greyscale tiff (PC/MAC - 1.3 MB)
  • Joel Pelletier photo ( 1997 Joel Pelletier)
  • 288x259 pixel 72dpi (25k - open and save image)
  • 4"x5" 300 dpi greyscale (MAC - 561k)
  • 4"x5" 300 dpi greyscale (PC/MAC - 561k)
  • Joel Pelletier headshot photo ( 1995 Joel Pelletier)
  • 250x318 pixel 72dpi (100k - open and save image)
  • 7"x9" 300 dpi greyscale .jpg (SIT - 612k)
  • 7"x9" 300 dpi greyscale .tif (SIT - 4.1mb)
  • 7"x9" 300 dpi greyscale .jpg (ZIP - 572k)
  • 7"x9" 300 dpi greyscale .tif (ZIP - 4.1kmb)
  • Chamber Pop CD Cover Art ( 1994 Joel Pelletier)
  • 432x432 pixel 72dpi (98k - open and save image)
  • 140x140 pixel 72dpi (26k - open and save image)
  • 3"x3" 300 dpi CMYK (MAC - 2905k)
  • 3"x3" 300 dpi CMYK (PC - 2905k)
  • JOELizard/The Way Home Music logo ( 1994 Joel Pelletier)
  • 216x189 pixel color 72dpi (10k - open and save image)
  • 4.5"x4" 300 dpi BW tiff (MAC - 69k)
  • 4.5"x4" 300 dpi BW tiff (PC - 69k)
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    Joel Pelletier Press Releases
    To be added when available.

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    Joel Pelletier Endorsements
    Outboard Research | NS Design

    Over the last few years I have had the pleasure in meeting and forming relationships with a number of musical instrument and equipment manufacturers. The generosity of many of these folks, supporting an "unsigned" artist, is something that I am very grateful for. Some of these companies manufactured instruments or equipment that I have already owned and use regularly, having paid for on my own, and others made available equipment that, after researching, I felt was the best products available for making my music. Most of these companies have their own websites as well, and along with some personal comments and photos, I have included their company links.

    Onboard Research
    This small texas company years ago solved a regular problem for me and the musicians I work with - keeping acoustic instruments in tune. Their clever little Intellitouch gadget clamps to the head of my Gibson J30 acoustic, and stays there. It tracks my tuning better than any other device I've tried (and I have a pile of them around here somewhere), and the guys who own and run the company, Rusty and Mark, have turned into 2 of my biggest music fans and supporters. The true test of a music product like this: before a few of my string players found out I was an endorsee, they had already purchased one for themselves.

    website: http://www.tuners.com

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    NS Design
    Up through college I played basses that I designed and assembled. Then one day in 1983 I played a Steinberger bass in a music store, having admired it's design in magazines and around the neck of Sting and Geddy Lee. From that day I realized I could never make a better bass, so I ordered one.
    A couple of years ago Ned Steinberger, whom I have had the great pleasure of getting to know a bit, showed me his new electric upright, even bringing it to a show for me to play. It was a monster. Not being able to afford one, I sold the BSX electric upright I had been playing and made my own, incorporating the best elements of the BSX and Ned's (atleast what I remembered). It has served me well since 1994, but I have finally decided to aquire Ned's NS Design Electric Upright.

    website: http://www.nedsteinberger.com

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    My other endorsers/supporters have or continue to include:
    EAW, Monster Cable, Thomastik-Infeld strings, ADK Microphones, Mackie, Steinberger Guitars and Basses, Hartke Amplification, Quintas Composite Instruments, (Chapman) Stick Enterprises and E.O. Mari (Labella) Strings.

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    Joel Pelletier Lyrics
    complete english lyrics as an html text file are viewable here. If you wish you can print them or save as a text file.

    PDF Translation files
    All of the lyrics from "Chamber Pop" are viewable and printable as Adobe PDF files or text files in all 10 languages (as included on the CD). You can download them by clicking on the proper language (below). Version 3.0 or later of the Adobe Acrobat Reader must be used to read the files (free from www.adobe.com). The Japanese and Chinese lyrics are text files, and Japanese/Kanji or Traditional Chinese fonts/operating systems are required.

  • Chinese (mandarin) (text file)
  • Deutsch (german) (Adobe PDF)
  • English (Adobe PDF)
  • Espanol (spanish) (Adobe PDF)
  • Francais (french) (Adobe PDF)
  • Italiano (italian) (Adobe PDF)
  • Japanese (text file)
  • Portugues (brazialian portuguese) (Adobe PDF)
  • PYCCKOM (russian) (Adobe PDF)
  • Svenska (swedish) (Adobe PDF)

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