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Joel Pelletier Gig and Performances

2013 Live Music Performances

I perform throughout the United States as John Paul Jones in the
San Jose, CA-based Led Zeppelin tribute band Zeppelin Live (formerly Heartbreaker).
Go to their website ZeppelinTribute.com for our live performance schedule.

In 2013 I have also started playing with Southern California-based L.A. Zeppelin.

I also fill in from time to time as John Paul Jones with other Zep tribute bands;
go to johnpauljoel.com for more info.

As of April 2013 I am also the keyboard player in the San Jose, CA-based Journey tribute band
Journey Unauthorized. Their website includes a complete gig schedule on the right column of the first page.

My instrumental acoustic piano trio The Lush Pop Trio
is available for parties, events, wedding, receptions or wherever you want retro background music.

Dates subject to change - call or email for latest info and directions

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