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I have made and built many things, from music to paintings to guitars to cars to boxes to entire new rooms. I find that, while each requires different tools and techniques, that they all have many things in common, and the act of planning, solving problems and actually completing something (anything!) adds to my ability to complete the next project, even if it seems to have nothing in common with my past work. Somehow it's all connected - every "work" is made up of shapes, textures and colors.

I'm interested in shapes, and see them in EVERYTHING. Shapes in chords on a piano; shapes in the framing of a carport; patterns in tile. I've read that we are wired for pattern recognition, and when no pattern exists we make them up. This extends from the mundane to the whole universe/meaning of life/existense of God thing (if we can't see a pattern, we chalk it up to "God has a plan," which is to say it's a pattern only God can see). OK, this is something really deep for me, and I'll be exploring it in words soon...

These projects don't fall into the music/art/words categories, but for me it's all Art (it's only depends on how I apply myself and obsess about it).

Living Room/Kitchen (Completed April 2007)
My current home is SLOWLY undergoing a total remodel since I purchased it December 2004. I will be posting construction/in process photos soon (everyone's favorite, thanks to places like HDTV), but I have FINALLY finished the liviningroom/kitchen area, which I opened up to be more of a single studio-style space. Except for some electrical and plumbing, I pretty much designed and made everything by hand (no premade cabinets, thank you very much!). More "in process" photos and text to follow...

Bathroom (Completed November 2008)
The bathroom design and color scheme is based somewhat on the Art Deco bathroom I created in my last home (see below). This one, however, is intended as a modern (or modernist) take on Art Deco colors and tile design, but full wall height tile with very modern fixtures. I love the richness of darkwoods mixed with the classic green and black deco tile and white floor and fixtures. Removing any wall or seperation, especially with the glass-walled walk-in shower, makes the most use of every square inch of this small room.

Art Deco Bathroom (Completed September 2003)
A "recreation" of an Art Deco bathroom in a 1950 tract home

I still get many emails about this project, especially requests for info on the suppliers of materials. The tile is manufactured by B&W TIle in Gardena, CA (310-538-9579), and many of the building materials for this and my current home remodel come from my good friend Alejandro at Freeway Building Materials near downtown Los Angeles.

1961 Ford Thunderbird (Started January 2002)
Aestetic beauty and utility

One of the advantages of living in Southern California is the warm year-long climate, which, due to the lack of snow, ice and salted roads, makes driving and maintaining classic autos not only possible but desireable (update: time and cost of gas has me rethinking the car thing; I will complete restoring both Tbirds and find them new homes - email for info).

OK, it's a tease, but I'll post more soon...

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