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(2/3/15) 2015 Update

While catching up on my new year website updates, I found this page still exists (not that I would know it from all the donations pouring in)! While I keep busy as a modern caveman dragging my catch back to the cave on a daily/weekly basis (in our era, it's money), I continue to contemplate the issues discussed below. I don't expect anyone to support me so that I can be an artist - I am an artist, whether I have to work unrelated 5 jobs (or not). But my life is good (I eat a bit too well, and live somewhat like a "rich person", certainly compared to the majority of the human race) not because I am a "rich person", but more because I'm a clever monkey in both making things myself and using/abusing modern credit. I'm not even convinced I would produce more "Art" if I had more free time, but I am certainly open to being be convinced otherwise. So if you want to support what I do beyond simply buying a copy of my music or art, or paying for a performance, then read on...

(6/21/08) 2008 Europe trip for American Fundamentalists

Manchester, UK 1 September 2007

I am pleased to announce that on 19 July 2008 my American Fundamentalists painting will exhibited in Brussels, Belgium, the city for which in 1888 James Ensor created the work (but never saw it exhibited there in his lifetime) CHRIST'S ENTRY INTO BRUSSELS IN 1889, which I based my painting on. This will be the final stop on the Manchester, UK arts collective's tour of their FUNDAMENTAL show, featuring artwork from artists around the world (including my painting). The painting will be on exhibit for 4 weeks at Gallery Gabrichidze, in the center of Brussels, and I will attend the opening and give a brief talk.

In August 2008 a very generous supporter donated some funds to help offset my Europe travels for this exhibit. Since that time, airflight costs have doubled, and the value of the dollar has dropped 25-30% vs. the Euro. I cannot pass on this opportunity, but because of it I will probably be in debt for a few years to come. If anyone reading this feels they can help at all this time, please feel free to contact me; there are also Paypal links below.

What does "support" mean? It's my belief that it can mean many things today, much more than just buying something. I'm trying to not get so caught up in the hustle of self promotion; sales for me is a job, not my obsession, and the more time I spend selling, the less I have to create. I am trying to simplify some of the basic things in my life, reducing my every day financial requirements to increase the time I can spend making things. The actual "making" doesn't take much money, only time, something more and more undervalued but more and more priceless.

If you are touched by anything I am doing, there are ways you can help support my continued education and journey, some rather creative and possibly inexpensive to you, but possibly priceless to me. The first is your comments - negative, positive or even confusing (I get all kinds), they really do help to remind me that there is someone out there. Besides the obvious cash (see below), here's a few ideas I have had recently that would help projects I am planning or am curently in the middle of:

Travel: My trip in 2003 to London and Paris reignited my passion for painting (see Art for my current painting projects). There are fantastic museums in Chicago, New York, Europe and Russia that I hope to go to (someday). Many people have Frequent Flyer Miles that can be used to purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms. I'll fly coach (I'll even fly baggage) if it will put me in front of some of the greatest works of mankind. And if you're looking for a point of view while travelling the museums and galleries of the world, and have an extra seat, let's talk!

Besides museums, there are wonderful music programs, orchestras, conductors and soloists throughout the world that I hope to hear in person (for example, a triple Stravinsky bill at the Met I missed out on in Feb 2004, not sufficiently translatable on the radio). There is even a world-class orchestra in a spendid new concert hall here in Los Angeles, and always empty subscription ticket seats. Need a companion for the symphony or opera? I would love to have someone to argue with between acts.

I also very much desire to have a piano lesson with Chicago-based composer/pianist Easley Blackwood, as well as my old teacher, professor Luiz DeMoura Castro in Hartford, CT, in preparation for a film I am developing about a retired concert pianist (I have a LOT of practicing to do to get there).

Along with a request for tickets, places to stay in any of these major cities - a couch, spare bed, etc. - could make it possible for me to buy the ticket myself (they're fairly cheap these days) if the potential financial nightmare of housing is resolved in this way.

Equipment: I am hopelssly scouring eBay and Craigslist for deals on basses, video equipment, paint supplies, etc. This BEING JOHN ENTWISTLE thing is hard on both finances and storage space. He had MANY signature basses, and although I do not have his resources or obsession when it comes to truly outrageous bass collecting (and drinking and drugs and...), like him I continue searching for the PERFECT bass(es). I assemble or make most of my basses, but that still costs $$, and I am starting to realize that some basses cannot be made, so deeper I go...

I am finishing construction/alteration/upgrades on a few basses that I will not be keeping, and will be selling on eBay. Please email if you would like forst dibs.

Professional Services: I make my living as a professional feelance website designer and graphic artist. Whether they are aware of it or not, my clients all help to support my art by allowing me to make a living without a boss and a fixed schedule. Need some deisgn or website services? Go to my company site, the Way Home media, and see if there is something you need done.

Portraits: I paint people with faces. If you'de like to see yours in paint on canvas, something unique with a brain behind it, rather than a poster or snapshot enlargement on your wall, you might want to call me (go to Art to see if my style of painting appeals to you). But beware: I don't fill orders from a menu; I'm more of an eccentric chef, not a short order cook. If you appreciate fine cuisine, and like my cooking, I can paint you something unique and delicious (well, perhaps to look at anyway)!

Financial Donations: Based on an older "benefactor" model, I do not currently sell anything related to my music and art except for the occaisional poster or postcard. What I offer is an opportunity to sponsor my future work - in appreciation I will send you something I have done in the past. Your $$ support goes directly to this goal, not to music industry pimps, middle-men or corporate pirates. If enough people like it, maybe they'll ask me to come out and play in their town/city/country/whatever. If not, I'll just keep painting, writing and making more music for myself, and for the few that enjoy it. I will continue to make my music whether or not you pay for it, and welcome your comments regardless.

How to make an online donation to Joel:

I prefer that you mail $$, checks or money orders. Simply send any amount you wish (along with a nice letter) to:

Joel Pelletier, Box 1842, Hollywood, CA 90078

Make a donation of $20 or more, and as a thank you I will send an autographed copy of my CHAMBER POP CD, along with a CD EP of my 4 latest recorded songs. Any donation of $40 or more receives a CD plus something else... I have a poster of the Chamber Pop cover (featuring my self-portrait at the piano), a poster of AMERICAN FUNDAMENTALISTS painting, postcards of DREAMING WITH ORSON and the MORALS VS. ETHICS painting (etc).

If you prefer to make an online payment, I accept donations through Paypal. You do not need to be a Paypal member to make payments through Paypal - you can simply use it to process your credit card. It's VERY safe and secure, and accepts payment worldwide. It's fast and easy; at one time I processed over $80,000/week in Paypal payments at my (then) day job with no problems, and I personally use it all the time to make eBay purchases and sales (for music gear, etc.).

You do not need to be a
Paypal member to make this payment.

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